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In Suffolk/Norfolk we have four species of geese that can be shot legally; Canada, Greylag, Pinkfoot and White Fronts. Bags are not guaranteed but the quality of the shooting is when the birds are about. Flights are conducted early mornings or on suitable occasions under the moon (never on the birds roost areas) over a number of farms, estates and landholdings close to the coast within Suffolk and Norfolk on previously agreed dates. Generally we shoot geese on their feeding grounds, usually sugar beet or stubbles with a maximum of 6 guns. If possible we like to book groups of guns known to each other but will on occasion place individual guns with smaller parties. We can take parties for 4 days maximum. Non-toxic cartridges of suitable calibre must be used. This season we do not expect to be shooting geese much before the end of November (moons) and will only take bookings for after that date. We also suggest that as these are mostly morning flights you may wish to consider booking a day’s rough shooting or an evening’s duck flighting at the same time to make your visit truly worthwhile.

We try to make our duck/goose shooting costs as affordable and straight forward as possible. Please contact us for current prices which are per gun/outing with standard bag limits for duck around 5-10 birds per gun and geese of 5 birds per gun depending on the pond being shot over. Additional birds will be charged extra and guns have the opportunity to decide beforehand if they wish to shoot over the standard bag limits. All duck/goose flights are accompanied by a guide. Tips for the guides are left to individual interpretation.

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