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A few words...firstly in today’s litigious world you’d have to be mad to shoot without it and anyone who lets you should also be sectioned! Accidents are simply that but they happen! You may have third party cover via your home/business/personal insurance BUT have you checked? Also is it specifically for shooting sports, did you check the small print? Please note our stance on the matter; No Insurance, No Shooting!

To our minds there’s only one safe bet and that’s to join BASC or if you prefer one of the other field sports organisations that offer insurance as part of their package. There are several UK organisations specifically working for live quarry (and that’s the important bit) shooting sports. Joining such an organisation should not just be about insurance, although that’s probably why many do it, but it should also be about putting something back into your sport, supporting those whose efforts are geared to maintain and further this sport we all love.

Anglia Sporting supports not only BASC but The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust along with a number of other country sports organisations that we contribute to. Consider then that whilst spending considerable amounts of money on enjoying your sport you should also spend a little on the cover you really should have AND at the same time put a little something back into shooting.

You can join BASC, GWCT, NGO, CA, NFU, and NO we do not get a commission on sales!

Cancellation Insurance

If you are booking an event for a team of guns that’s worth a few thousand pounds you might also consider the possibility of cancellation insurance for that day. It’s relatively simply and cost effective to do and may save you some serious worries should the weather or whatever put paid to the enjoyment you’ve looked forward to all year.

You can check out cancellation insurance here, made easy by those guys at Guns on Pegs, and again NO we do not get a commission on sales!

Foreign Visitors

If you wish to bring your own guns (shotguns or rifles) to the UK you will require a Temporary Visitors Permit which we can arrange for you. Please ask for details. If you wish to hire a gun from us we will also need the same details. Foreign visitors flying to the UK will most probably fly into either LHR, London Gatwick possibly Stansted or Luton airports. Stansted is our nearest about 1 – 1½ hours drive then LHR, Gatwick or Luton all about the same drive time, 2 hours. Norwich airport is also a posibility. Visitors should ideally hire a car at the airport as taxis are very expensive and public transport to our location would be very complicated to say the least. You may also need transport whilst staying here. Alternatively visitors from Europe may wish to drive via the channel ferries or tunnel to Dover/Folkstone which is about a 3 hour drive from our base. From Scandinavia/Denmark areas there’s a ferry service to Harwich which is about 1½ hours drive from us. We do not make travel arrangements for clients, that you must do for yourself.


Driven game shooting requires traditional dress. For all other shooting sports standard advice, in summer it should be lightweight, in winter wrap up warm. Depending on the type of shooting certainly greens or browns, preferably camouflage, should be your predominant choice of colour. A face mask or at the very least a good hat is essential and maybe gloves if pigeon shooting.


If flying into the UK our nearest airports are either Stansted or Norwich, then Gatwick, LHR or Luton. If travelling by car/ferry our nearest port is Harwich from Hook of Holland or Dover if taking the Chunnel or a ferry from France.

Our location is rural and you will need the use of a vehicle whilst visiting especially if you have the odd day at either end of your stay when you’re not shooting and wish to sample the ‘tourist’ spots. For less than 4 people a standard mid range car will be OK but for larger groups we recommend the hire of an MPV style vehicle. If you really don’t wish to drive we can arrange a vehicle and driver for the duration of your stay.


For pigeon shooting we supply all the kit needed, hides, rotaries and decoys (some types of which you may not have seen before) and anything else that might be required to help make the day a success. We are always willing to offer ‘something different’ in the shooting line so please if you have any particular wants ask us and we’ll see what can be arranged.


If you are planning to visit for a few days and require accommodation and food (breakfasts, packed lunches and evening meals) we are blessed with some good, no great, pubs, hotels and restaurants locally and depending upon the quality you want we can recommend a variety of venues for your stay. B&B accommodation, Pubs with accommodation and restaurant facilities. Some great Hotels plus a number of self catering holiday cottages/chalets even static caravans. Many will offer discounted rates if you mention our name when booking. We also arange accomodation in country houses with full butler, maid and chef services. Ask us for a list of options.

Please always check availability with any venue and with us before booking.

When game shooting we often provide hospitality meals but again please check when booking.


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