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Our game shooting days usually consist of 8, 9 up to 10 gun parties, 12 if you really must. We arrange shooting for pheasants and/or partridges plus late season hare shoots and bag numbers from 100 to 300+ head days. Shooting locations are generally in the Eastern Counties, predominantly Suffolk or Norfolk and we can arrange suitable accommodation for your visits. We book many days prior to the season but also have some ‘last minute’ opportunities due either to cancellations or additional days being put on and advertise these by e-mail and on the website. Ideally we prefer to book full parties but on occasion we will have spaces on an individual basis. If guns are only able to make up part of a group we may be able to put final numbers together. If you want to book a full team of guns i.e. 8, 9, or 10 and have specific dates in mind please ‘ask the question’ as we may well be able to accommodate you.

Prices depend on the shoot day being offered but as a guide for this current season we have days priced around £30 per bird all inclusive. Very occasionally we can offer some days (very last minute) at reduced prices but, it should be stressed, these are rare events and do not stay on offer for long. We always work on a ‘first come first served’ basis and until a day is booked and deposits received we will not confirm the event.

Should you wish to arrive for breakfast before the shoot or arrange a dinner after the shoot please let us know and we’ll arrange suitable meals. We can also arrange suitable accommodation either here in our farmhouse home or in local hotels. Most shoots will include hospitality, mid morning refreshments plus a shoot lunch/dinner.

We will always try to work with each individual hunter to give the best sporting opportunities possible and endeavour to help the guns have a worthwhile visit.

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