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Stalking is conducted over various farms, estates and landholdings within Suffolk & Norfolk and may be ground or high seat shooting. Quarry is Muntjac of which we have a lot, Roe of which we have a good few but only in certain areas, Fallow again we have a lot and Reds which are fairly numerous (and large) again in certain areas. We also have good numbers of Chinese Water Deer and these may also be considered quarry subject to the usual terms. Stalking is either morning and/or evening on agreed dates. Generally a maximum of four days stalking for a maximum of four rifles during any one trip/week is our limit.

All guns must carry public liability insurance and/or be members of a field sports organisation such as BASC (insurance included). Foreign visitors bringing their own guns to the UK must also have a Temporary Visitors Permit which we can arrang.. Cancellation of any shooting is the responsibility of the individual but we can help arrange cancellation insurance if it is required. All stalkers whether using their own rifle or an ‘estate rifle’ will be required to prove proficiency on the range before stalking live quarry therefore arrival times need to be considered. Deer species will only be taken in season and with the minimum legal calibre rifle or above. All stalking whether ground or high seat is ‘guided’ and beasts are only to be shot as directed by the guide.

We also welcome newcomers to the sport but encourage them to visit for a whole day of one on one tuition, rifle handling and safety, shooting range targets to assess competence with perhaps a stalk in the evening. Respect for the quarry is paramount. Alternatively newcomers would be encouraged to attend one of the deer stalking courses run by BASC or the BDS and obtain some certification. Further details are available on request.

We try to make our stalking costs as affordable and straight forward as possible. Please contact us for current prices which are per outing with no further fees for ‘cull’ animals. Good quality and trophy heads are extra and must only be taken at the direction of the guide but it should be stressed that these charges are for unusual, large and/or medal quality heads as others would be considered ‘cull’ animals. The sighting/shooting of trophy deer in the above species cannot be 100% guaranteed as the deer are completely wild. Wounded ‘trophy’ beasts will be charged for at the discretion of the guide whether recovered or not and ‘condemned carcases’ (badly shot) of any animal will be charged for at current market value. If you wish to visit to shoot a ‘trophy’ beast then please talk with us about this before your trip as we cannot supply good heads on demand. We can by special arrangement offer some of the best trophy heads in the UK should you wish to book such an animal.

There is an average limit of 1 beast per stalking outing but we spread this over the whole trip so more beasts may be taken if some outings have drawn a blank. However we do not guarantee that any beasts will be shot. The carcase belongs to the estate but is usually available to the hunter at current market prices. If it is required butchered and packed then a fee will be applied. If heads are required ‘cleaned’ then a fee will apply. We can also arrange taxidermy should you wish to have the head preserved. We will also arrange carriage to any UK or overseas destination for trophies.

We will always try to work with each individual hunter to give the best sporting opportunities possible and endeavour to help the stalker have a worthwhile visit. For current availability please contact us. Please note; at certain times we can be very busy, 7 days a week, out all day, evening roost shooting, on a wild duck flight or lamping rabbits and foxes into the night. At other times of the year we might be out very early deer stalking then again out late into the evenings. If you call and get no answer please leave a brief message, your name & number so we know who’s called and why then we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. E-mail is the best form of communication with us but whichever your contact is important to us. Thank you.

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