For the 'anoraks' amongst us!

An interesting 'titbit' for those interested in such matters; back in July 2012 I shot a woodpigeon with rings on its leg (first woody I've ever seen with rings in all the years I've been shooting them) and I reported the incident to the BTO via the British Museum whose details were on the rings. The report I received makes interesting reading but boils down to this, the bird was at least 1 year old when first ringed (or should that be rung?) in April 2003 in the local area where it was eventually shot. It was 8 years old when rung for the second time and again in the same local area where it was shot. It was was shot approx 5km from where it was originally caught up. That makes it around 10 years old...just glad I sent it in rather than eating it!

I then did a bit of research and found that the woodpigeon with the record for longevity was recovered with a ring 2km from the original ring site and was listed as being 17y 8m 19d old! It was still alive when captured but the data doesn't say if it was released alive. If so it may have lived even longer!

Something else that may confound all those who still hold the outdated view that woodpigeons migrate; of some 50k woodpigeons rung in the UK over the last 100 years there have only been a handful of recoveries from over the seas in Europe!

And yes 2012 was an interesting Woody year in another way...White woopigeons are not common but we have had a few only what about a black one? Yes without a doubt a woodpigeon not a feral or any type of hybrid ( see the photograph in our gallery) but a black woodpigeon. Not black as in a crow but dark brown/black. A most unusual bird.